Rabbit Mask

Organ Cranker Awards
ARSfilm Kromeriz (26th Amateur) - Czech Republic 3RD ANIMATED PRIZE
Berkeley Video and Film Festival (New East Bay Media Center) - Berkley, California AWARD OF ANIMATION EXCELLENCE
Cascadia Festival of Moving Images - Vancouver Showcase - Canada 2ND PLACE INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION
Chicago Intl Film Festival (34th) - Chicago, Illinois CERTIFICATE OF MERIT
Cinematexas 98 University of Texas - Texas ANIMATION FINALIST
Columbus Intl Film & Video Festival (46th Annual) - Ohio BRONZE PLAQUE AWARD
Kansas City Filmmaker's Jubilee - Missouri TOP ANIMATION PRIZE
New York Animation Festival - New York 1ST PRIZE STUDENT FILM
San Francisco Intl Film Festival - California CERTIFICATE OF MERIT
Shortfilmz - New York AWARD NOMINEE
SmartFest screened RCTV - Rochester, New York 3RD PLACE AWARD
WorldFest Flagstaff - Flagstaff, Arizona TOP GOLD ANIMATION AWARD
Zoie Film Festival - Atlanta, Georgia BEST ANIMATION AWARD
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crazed rabbit

More Organ Cranker Film Festival and Television Screenings
Ambient on Cable - California Public Access TV
Animac 98 - Monstra Internacional de Cinema d'Animacio - Lleida, Spain
Animation Cavalcade - touring video compilation
Annecy 99 - Festival Intl du Film d'Animation - France
Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Film & Video - Victoria, Canada
Armchair Film Festival - New York
Big Muddy Film FestivalMarch 1999 - Carbondale, Illinois
Black Lagoon PTV Channel 12 - Atlanta, Georgia
Blue Sky Intl Film Festival - Las Vegas, Nevada
CalArts Experimental Animation Showcase 98 - North Hollywood, California
Canadian Intl Annual Film & Video Festival - Canada
Cascadia Festival of Moving Images - University of Victoria Cinecenta
CHIAFF 99 - 3rd Chunchon Intl ANITOWN Festival - Korea
Cinequest - San Jose, California
Community21 - Columbus Community Cable Access - Ohio
Deep Ellum Film Festival - Texas
Detroit Intl Film Festival - Michigan
Doughboy's Dozen - cable access program - Hollywood, California
DU-TV Channel 54 - Pennsylvania
Etudia Intl Film Festival - Krackow, Poland
Festival Intl Du Film Independant de Bruxelles (20th) - Brussels
Figueira da Foz Festival Intl - Portugal
Filmklub Klagenfurt - 10. Intl Juvenale - Germany
Flixtour 99 - Touring 25 University Campuses
FLO Film Fest - West Palm Beach, Florida
Golden Shower Film Festival - San Antonio, Texas
Goldener SPATZ Film Festival - Stiftung, Sweden
Goteborg Film Festival (22nd) - Sweden
Grand Illusion Theater - Seattle, Washington
Harrisburg Filmfest (2nd Annual) - Pennsylvania
Harvest of Arts Festival - Granada Theatre in Lawrence, Kansas
Hi Mom! 2 Film Festival - ArtsCenter in Carrboro, North Carolina
Hi/Lo Film Festival - San Francisco, California
Hummadruz Global Sounds Film Festival 1999 - Japan
Independent Eye - Maryland Public Television
ITAC/MediaVision - California State Polytechnic University - Pomona, California
KAN Film Festival - Lawrence, Kansas
KC Short Film Showcase KCTV5 - Kansas City
King Nobel Film Festival - Belgium
Kino Festival of American Underground Cinema - Manchester, England
Knitting Factory Video Lounge - New York
KROK Intl Film Festival - Kyiv, Ukraine
Kyiv Intl Film Festival - Ukraine
Laurel Cable Network Channel 10B - Maryland
Leipzig Intl Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (41st) - Germany
Liburnija Film (40th) - Kino Video Klub - Croatia
Los Angeles Intl Shorts Festival (2nd Annual) - Hollywood, California
Louisville Film & Video Festival (9th Annual) - Louisville, Kentucky
MicroCineFest - Baltimore, Maryland
Monstra de Video Indep - Barcelona, Spain
Moviate Film Festival - New York
MYHELAN - Cultural Arts Alliance - New Jersey
Olympia Film Festival - Washington
Ottawa Intl Student Animation Festival - Canada
Pacific Northwest Festival of Fictional & Anthropological Cinema 99 - Ellensburg, Washington
Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema - Pennsylvania
Rohoboth Beach Film Festival - Deleware
San Diego Intl Film Festival 99 - California
San Luis Obispo Intl Film Festival - California
Santa Monica Film Festival - California
Schorndorf 6th Intl Animation Film Days - Germany
Short Pictures Intl Film Festival (3rd Annual)- Los Angeles, California
Shorttakes 99 - UCLA Ackerman Grand Ballroom - California
South by Southwest 99 - Austin, Texas
Taos Talking Pictures- New Mexico
Third Tortured Artists Independent Film Festival - Tacoma, Washington
Twirly Whirly Pinecones Channel 19 - Chicago Access Network TV
2+1 Film/Video Show - Barnsdale Gallery Theatre - Hollywood, California
UC Davis Film Festival - California
Up Against the Wall Festival - Kansas City
Uppsala Intl Short Film Festival (17th) - Sweden
Utah Film & Video Festival - Salt Lake City, Utah
Valleyfest Film Festival - Knoxville, Tennesse
Vancouver Effects & Animation Festival - Canada
Velvet Lounge - Washington DC
Victoria Independent Film Festival - Canada
Video Illuminations - 7 Boston area cable access stations - Massachusetts
Waterfront Film Festival - Michigan
WXXI's Independent Film Series Public Broadcasting - Rochester, New York

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schlomo block

Organ Cranker Press Clippings
"Jon Foulk has produced a highly original work of great charm and gentle humor, brilliantly executed in simple black and white. The basic premise draws on the traditional theme of the street vendor who attracts attention to his lot of mechanical toys by playing an instrument such as a hand organ... In Foulk's film, the organ grinder has become the organ itself and the toys, humorously baptized Schlomos ... live within the organ and go out on call to perform their dances as required. Such toys being rather fragile things, the breakage rate is high. However, the Schlomos, as opposed to tin soldiers or spring-wound mice, are endowed with human feelings of respect and compassion. In a touchingly tender final sequence, they methodically and expertly retrieve the remains of their fallen comrade. With the Schlomos safely back within their repository, the film ends with the blink of the remaining eye of the unfortunate victim, leaving some hope for his eventual resurrection. The character design of the Schlomos is highly original: they consist of loosely joined blocks, cones, spindles, balls and wheels, all of which work together in a delightfully implausible way. The animation is superb, showing a complete mastery of the classical techniques of anticipation, follow-through, squash and stretch, but never in exaggeration. Backgrounds are inexistent, yet the idea of space is perfectly conveyed. The sound track, in addition to the requisite organ music, contains some delightful effects and a succinct, but completely appropriate narration, restricted to the beginning sequence."

-- Gilbert Taggert (Victoria Independent Film Festival 1999)


" ... there were more than a few animated films that walked, ran, or shuffled on the dark side. In the Organ Cranker by Jon Foulk, an organ-grinder and little mechanical monkeys are well-drawn boxy constructs-in-progress that inhabit a precipitous and borderless white-paper landscape. Their demolition derby hurlings, collisions and damages are as affectionate as those of Itchy and Scratchy, the heart of darkness within The Simpsons."

-- Tony Reveaux, 42nd San Francisco Int'l Film Festival


"A forced dance to the end of time is approached in Organ Cranker, an accomplished animated short by director Jon Foulk. Using very intense, radiating fine pencil drawings, the pitiful fate of the schlomos forced out to entertain the organ cranker is made all that more surreal. The poor little guys: they are harmless in their present state, but are forced to perform and in return jerked limb from limb. Knowing they are next, the other schlomos retrieve their mate and return his pieces to the organ. Darkness falls, with neither knowing who will be next. The fine animation accentuates the fine line being tread between humor and sadness, with irony and inevitability winning out."

-- David Sarich: Mad Dash Films (Zoie Film Festival 1999)


"A rather obtuse story."

-- anonymous jury member (Canadian Int'l Film Festival 1999)


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